jeudi 25 novembre 2010


12/07/20 : hey, I've been transcribing (and vainly trying to play) Recall by Pierre de Bethmann.

01/05/20 : yay ! another Mehldau (incomplete) transcription : his version of Monk's Think of One, from his 10 Years solo live album.
An the leadhseet of a beautiful song by Anne Sylvestre, Une Sorcière comme les autres. 30/04/20 : some new stuff : some stride with Fats Waller's Baby Oh! Where can you be?.
I've also transcribed a Clare and the Reasons' song, Pluto, and the amazing music of the amazing movie Portrait de la Jeune fille en feu (Portrait of a Lady on Fire).

02/11/19 : a new Mary Lou Williams transcription : Mary's Special. Some nice harmonies, some stride, everything we need !

11/09/19 : after Waller's, here is Thelonious Monk's version of Tea for Two.
I also have Laurent Coq's version of Social Call, one of my favorite standards (remember my work on the original Gigi Gryce version ?)

09/09/19 : some new transcriptions : the theme of Fanfare by Marc Ducret ; and some kind-of-leadsheets of rock songs : Bones, Locket and Nina by Crumb (absolutely love their music), and Les Cigognes Nénuphars and Joe & Rose by Forever Pavot.

13/02/19 : hey, I just found out that I had a complete Bojan Z transcription that I forgot to post : 303 from Soul Shelter !

5/1/19 : wow, I guess that's the longuest transcription I've ever made… Introducing Mehldau's Rondo, from his 2018 album After Bach.
UPDATE : I made some minor changes in the score, and, by comparing with this video I realised that that piece was ENTIRELY written ! There is no improvisation !

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  1. Bonjour, merci pour vos relevés, découvrez les miens ici :

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  3. Génial, grace a toi je peux jouer des morceaux de mon pianiste préféré! J' espère voir encore quelques perles de 10 years solo ..😄

  4. Bonjour and merci. I just found your site while looking for Mirabassi transcriptions (from Cantopiano mostly). Some real finds here.

  5. Merci ! Merci ! Merci ! Des années que je cherchais la partition de the spinners je suis trop trop contente !! Merci vraiment !

  6. Travail énorme! Merci+++
    J'ai eu la chance d'être au concert de B Mehldau à Viennes en 2010.
    Quel logiciel utilises-tu pour faire ces transcriptions?

    1. Merci ! Quelle chance en effet...
      Pour mes transcriptions j'utilise Sibelius, ainsi qu'amazing slow downer – parce qu'ils jouent vite parfois les jazzmen...

  7. Bonjour,

    Un grand merci pour les transcriptions.
    Super travail, c'est objectivement génial.


  8. Re-merci.
    Je regarde votre site régulièrement, toujours avec grand plaisir.

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  10. Greetings Mr. Sorwell,

    Your transcriptions are fantastic! It is my hope that you are able to complete the Art Tatum transcriptions someday. I am an avid Tatum fan.