jeudi 25 novembre 2010


12-07-18 : another Mary Lou Williams' tune : Fifth dimension, a blues based on a great riff ! And a nice waltz by Armel Dupas, Petite Bretonne.

09-07-18 : I have some new transcriptions to share : Nines by Dan Tepfer, from his duet album with Ben Wendel ; the leadsheet of Chronos by James Farm ; and n°5 of Mary Lou Williams' Zodiac Suite Leo !

29-04-18 : a new Brad Mehldau transcription : Always August, from Nearness, with Joshua Redman. You can find the leadsheet here !

31-03-18 : and here is Aries from Mary Lou Williams' Zodiac Suite !

17-03-18 : and here is Libra from Mary Lou Williams' Zodiac Suite !

07-03-18 : my work on from Mary Lou Williams' Zodiac Suite continues with n° 6 : Virgo !

28-02-18 : here is another one from Mary Lou Williams' Zodiac Suite : Cancer !

28-02-18 : and here is Gemini from Mary Lou Williams' Zodiac Suite !

27-02-18 : hey, I've discovered the great pianist, composer and arranger Mary Lou Williams and fell in love with her music, especially her amazing Zodiac Suite.
I'll try to transcribe some large extracts of this suite, here is the second movement Taurus (see here for more details).

12-02-18 : some new Steve Coleman transcriptions : Wights Waits For Weights and The Glide Was In The Ride from Motherland Pulse ; and Nine to Five from On the Edge of Tomorrow.

09-02-18 : Try To Catch Me, a Jacky Terrasson tune, alternating an atonal riff and a fun latin-feel part !

15-01-18 : we begin this new year with a ballad, Here's that Rainy Day, as played by Stan Getz ! I made a leadsheet with the nice chords he uses check here if you need the Bb/Eb sax version !

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  1. Bonjour, merci pour vos relevés, découvrez les miens ici :

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  3. Génial, grace a toi je peux jouer des morceaux de mon pianiste préféré! J' espère voir encore quelques perles de 10 years solo ..😄

  4. Bonjour and merci. I just found your site while looking for Mirabassi transcriptions (from Cantopiano mostly). Some real finds here.

  5. Merci ! Merci ! Merci ! Des années que je cherchais la partition de the spinners je suis trop trop contente !! Merci vraiment !

  6. Travail énorme! Merci+++
    J'ai eu la chance d'être au concert de B Mehldau à Viennes en 2010.
    Quel logiciel utilises-tu pour faire ces transcriptions?

    1. Merci ! Quelle chance en effet...
      Pour mes transcriptions j'utilise Sibelius, ainsi qu'amazing slow downer – parce qu'ils jouent vite parfois les jazzmen...

  7. Bonjour,

    Un grand merci pour les transcriptions.
    Super travail, c'est objectivement génial.


  8. Re-merci.
    Je regarde votre site régulièrement, toujours avec grand plaisir.