jeudi 25 novembre 2010


12/07/20 : hey, I've been transcribing (and vainly trying to play) Recall by Pierre de Bethmann.

01/05/20 : yay ! another Mehldau (incomplete) transcription : his version of Monk's Think of One, from his 10 Years solo live album.
An the leadhseet of a beautiful song by Anne Sylvestre, Une Sorcière comme les autres. 30/04/20 : some new stuff : some stride with Fats Waller's Baby Oh! Where can you be?.
I've also transcribed a Clare and the Reasons' song, Pluto, and the amazing music of the amazing movie Portrait de la Jeune fille en feu (Portrait of a Lady on Fire).

02/11/19 : a new Mary Lou Williams transcription : Mary's Special. Some nice harmonies, some stride, everything we need !

11/09/19 : after Waller's, here is Thelonious Monk's version of Tea for Two.
I also have Laurent Coq's version of Social Call, one of my favorite standards (remember my work on the original Gigi Gryce version ?)

09/09/19 : some new transcriptions : the theme of Fanfare by Marc Ducret ; and some kind-of-leadsheets of rock songs : Bones, Locket and Nina by Crumb (absolutely love their music), and Les Cigognes Nénuphars and Joe & Rose by Forever Pavot.

13/02/19 : hey, I just found out that I had a complete Bojan Z transcription that I forgot to post : 303 from Soul Shelter !

5/1/19 : wow, I guess that's the longuest transcription I've ever made… Introducing Mehldau's Rondo, from his 2018 album After Bach.
UPDATE : I made some minor changes in the score, and, by comparing with this video I realised that that piece was ENTIRELY written ! There is no improvisation !

mercredi 24 novembre 2010

Pierre de Bethmann

Pierre de Bethmann 4tet, songs from his 2012 album Go :
On Change
This tune is, like many other Bethmann's compositions, really complex and hard to play. I've notated the theme in 7/4 6/4 7/4 5/4, you could write it in 13/4 - 12/4 or another strange thing, it seemed right to me this way...

Another complex tune in 5/4 and 3/4. You can find the leadsheet (and some samples) on his website. The solo is uncomplete, but you can have a good idea of how Bethmann approachs this tune.

Pardi : Leadsheet and transcription
Same here : beautiful song, strange chords and odd metrics.

- - - - - -

Pierre de Bethmann trio, songs from his 2015 album Essais, vol 1 :
Based on Gabrie Fauré's song for cello and piano.

- - - - - -

Pierre de Bethmann solo, songs from At Barloyd's :
Recall (simplified lead sheet available here)
Another cool swinging tune with crazy rhythms !

Stefano Bollani

Theme only.

Guillaume de Chassy

From his amazing Piano Solo album :
Valse Dombelle
Slava, based on Prokofiev's first violin concerto. Impressive, beautiful, worth checking !

Steve Coleman

From Motherland Pulse (1985)
Wights Waits For Weights
The Glide Was In The Ride

From On the Edge of Tomorrow (1986)
Little one I'll miss you
Theme of this beautiful song, as sung by Cassandra Wilson.
Nine to Five

From On the Rising of th 64 Paths (2002)
Round Midnight
Beautiful live version of this marvellous song that you can find on a bonus track of the On the Rising of th 64 Paths album. Sax and guitar version.

From Weaving symbolics (2006)
Ritual trio (earth)
Fantastic mystic song, based on a simple but irregular structure (that makes it complicated...) Main theme and beginnig of the solo (2:50). Score in Eb and C.

Marc Copland

From Bookends, with Dave Liebman (2002) :

From the solo album Time Within Time (2004) :
Rivers Run

Laurent Coq

From Live at Duc des Lombards, with David el Malek and Olivier Zanot
Act up
Piece for 2 saxophones and piano.
Act up - Solo 1
Still incomplete, but…

From At Barloyd's (2018)
Social Call
A fantastic version of one of my favorite standards (leadsheet and transcription of Gigi Gryce's version is here !)

Chick Corea

Armando's Rhumba (Solo piano : Originals)
Impressive solo version of this great tune. 100% complete !

Bill Evans

IsraelExplorations (1961)
Wonderful version of this minor blues.

The two lonely peopleAlone (1968)
This song is on the bonus version of the album. It's a work-in-progress version : each song of the "official" record is made of different recordings edited together. The two lonely people is one take, in-progress, and wasn't meant to be heard like this, and yet it's really interesting – and beautiful.
I've transcribed the theme and the first solo, and they're just perfect.
The second solo is really different : it seems that Evans was throwing up ideas for and edited version. Then he just dashes the theme...

Édouard Ferlet

Édouard Ferlet published in 2012 a marvelous album called Think Bach, in wich he doesn't play Bach but play with Bach. His compositions are inspired by the Master's work, and modified in many ways

A la suite de Jean
This one is based on the famous Prelude from the 1rst cello suite. The theme is really beautiful, and it's followed by a free-improvisation. You can hear another improvisation in this video.

Inspired by Bach's preludio in C#M (here I've written in Db, which is much easier to read), from the Well-Tempered Klavier Book I, but instead of 3/8, it's in 5/8. Good luck ;)
You should check Brad Mehldau's version of the same prelude, Rondo, also on 5/4 !