mercredi 24 novembre 2010

Brad Mehldau

Live in Marciac :
Lithium - The Nirvana song. This is how you make a piano rock ! (complete) VIDEO HERE
Dat Dere
Secret Love
It's Allright With Me

- - - - - -

Live in Tokyo :
Things Behind The Sun
Nick Drake song, Live in Tokyo version + intro of the Live in Marciac version !
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Paul Simon cover, you can find the leadsheet of the wonderful original song here !
Monk's Dream
Obviously an amazing Thelonious Monk cover.

- - - - - -

10 Years Solo Live :
Waltz for JB
And I Love Her (Beatles song)
Knives out (groovy Radiohead cover)
Think of One (Monk cover) VIDEO

- - - - - -

Nearness, with Joshua Redman :
Always August
A wonderful Mehldau tune, you can find the leadsheet here.
In Walked Bud

- - - - - -

Other :
Hey You
A very symphonic rendition of Pink Floyd's classic (from a radio show, see here)

Crazy QuiltModern music, with Kevin Hayes and Patrick Zimmerli
Transcribing a 2 piano stuff is rather hard...

O Que SeraBrad Mehldau trio : Live
I haven't transcribed all the solos, but the main parts are here. Wonderful 2 hands counterpoint in here ! Notice the strange whole-tone modulations : Fm – Gm – Am – Bm – C#m etc.

TheloniousLive at la Villette
Amazing cover of the Thelonious Monk song. Listen to the original here.

Trailer Park GhostElegiac Cycle
Theme and beginnig of the solo

TeardropJazz à Vienne
Massive Attack cover, as seen on Jazz à Vienne 2010 video.


Monk's DreamLive at the Village Vanguard: The Art of the Trio Vol. 2

RondoAfter Bach
This one is based on the Prelude and Fugue in C sharp Major BWV 848 from The Well-Tempered Clavier by Bach. But guess what ? It's in 5/8 !
By comparing with this live version I realised that that piece was ENTIRELY written ! At first look, I thought that the part starting at measure 130 was an improvisation, and I thought that the 4/8 measures he plays sometimes were “mistakes”... It turns out it's perfectly thought : he plays exactly the same notes and the same rhythm on the live version !
You should check Édouard Ferlet's version of the same prelude called Réplique, also in 5/8 !

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  1. Merci, Vincent! Thank you so much for your hard work and love you put into these transcriptions.

  2. Hi Vincent,

    do you plan to transcribe more Brad tunes from Live in Marciac like "Lilac Wine" or "It's All Right With Me" or maybe, "Goodbye Storyteller?" Love you work.

    1. Hi, I have a few unfinished transcription going on... I'll try to post them here !

  3. Thanks, Vincent! I can't believe you were able to transcribe Thelonious from that bootleg recording. Amazing stuff!

  4. Thanks, it's not an easy stuff... but I think it's worth it, this version in amazing !

  5. salut VIncent,

    C'est moi qui ai posté le live de BM à la villette sur youtube. Si tu veux je peux te mettre le fichier original sur dropbox, la qualité sera peut être meilleure. Il suffit que tu me donne ton mail.
    En tout cas, je suis très impressionné par ton travail, bravo !!! à quand une version de jigsaw falling into place ;-) ??


    1. Salut, fichier bien reçu, merci ! Je vais regarder ça ! Par contre je n'ai pas ton mail, je peux pas t'écrire direcctement ;)

  6. je te l'ai mis dans le dropbox ;-)

  7. Hi!!! thanks a lot for your work!!! are you thinking to post My favourite Things from Live in Marciac too?

    Best Regards!!


  8. Your Brad Mehldau collection is looking very impressive. Thank you again for the beautiful work and dedication. I'm half-way memorizing "Secret Love." I rave to all my friends and family about your work. Merci.

  9. Hi Vincent!! merci for this effort!! did you work on My Favourite Things?


    1. Hi, you can find the transcription on the web (pianofiles)

    2. No, unfortunately on pianofiles there are only two users sharing it. One of them is not visiting the place any more and won't answer my emails. The other is from jazznote (a website) and they are charging 39 pounds, a.k.a 45 euros a.k.a 60 dollars for it!!!
      That's totally outraging, and we don't even know if it's a good transcription.
      Could you please make a transcription?
      Pretty please :)

  10. Can you send me an e-mail ? You have a "contact" link on the right :)

  11. How can you be so nice to share all this with us? you are amazing. Thanks a lot. I hope you will live forever.

  12. I don't suppose you have a transcription of Waltz for JB - I've been trying to find it everywhere!

    1. No I don't, but it's a beautifil tune, maybe I'll work on it...

  13. Hi Vincent, will you in the near future possibly transcribe Brad Mehldau's "Goodbye Storyteller (for Fred Myrow) live in Marciac" version? It's a very beautiful rendition. Thank you again for your beautiful work. Merci!


  14. Bonjour Vincent! T'es très gentil. Quand j'étais sur ton site web ce matin et j'ai vu ton nouveau travail, j'ai sauté sur mes pieds comme si j'avais été frappé par la foudre. "And I love her," et "Waltz for JB." Merci infiniment. On est vraiment chanceux.

    1. Je ne sais pas si je suis vraiment gentil, c'est aussi un peu de l'égoïsme : c'est pour moi avant tout que je fais ces transcriptions :)
      Mais merci ! Je suis ravi de faire des heureux !

  15. Merci beaucoup pour tout ici!!!! C'est magnifique! J'avez cherchez pour longtemps les transcriptions ici! I appreciate how much time you have put into these transcriptions! You are a Godsend!!!! Grateful and humbled! Pardonnez moi le 'franglais!

    1. You're welcome ! Votre Franglais est très bon – and I apologise for my english mistakes :)