mercredi 24 novembre 2010

Bojan Z

From his solo album Soul Shelter (2012) : 
Sweet Shelter of Mine 
Here we have some serious stuff... The intro/outro is in regular 4/4, the theme is in 5/8. I've notated it in 5+5/8 : for example measure 10, you have two 5/8 bars with the same chord, it seemed easier to read if it was in 5+5/8. It's not that hard if you start to play slowly, counting 3+2+3+2/8.
Then the solo is mainly in 5+4/8... here it gets really tricky. But don't worry, he's making mistakes too :) (measure 76 or 96, he "forgets" a 8th, sometimes he adds one or two...)
Good luck however ! 

Full Half Moon 
Simple and beatiful tune, love the melody on this one. It really develops further than I transcribed (try figure it out yourself !) 
A rather simple tune (it's 4/4, but the 6/4 part can be tricky....), originally played with piano + Fender Rhodes, arranged for a solo piano.

- - - - -

From Transpacifik (2003) : 
Set It Up 

- - - - -

From his solo album Solobession (2001) : 
Who's Bob 
The opening tune of the album, based on two chords. Great to warm up :) 
Don't Buy Ivory, Anymore ! 
Beautiful song by Henri Texier, as played by Bojan. 
Multi Don Kulti

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  1. So if Bojan 'forgets' some 8th but then add some later nothing is missing at the end :)