mercredi 24 novembre 2010

Baptiste Trotignon

From Solo (2003)
The Dream is Gone (leadsheet)
Youpala Fantastic song, rather hard to play… some nice rythm stuff inside. I believe this transcription is my masterpiece… You can check this video to have an idea of how he plays it live. Impressive!

From Solo II (2005)
Como tu me voi Nice Nino Rota waltz.
Love me tender Marvelous cover of the Elvis song. Just the theme.
Home Another long and beautiful composition, starting like a ballad, and moving to a 6/4 ostinato.

From Fool time, with David el Malek (2007)
Al admat Israel Nice 7/8 tune.
Sunday the 13th Beautiful Monk-inspired theme.

From Hit (2015)
Abracadabra (I stoppe transcribing as soon as I realised I will never be able to play the left hand rhythm, sorry guys)

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