mercredi 24 novembre 2010

Pop, Rock & Co

Here are some various transcriptions that aren't "jazz", but that can become jazz (in Mehldau's way, for example).
I'll post some simple lead sheets, some stuff with indication of the original arrangement, and some other things I did arrange on my own ! 

The Dø 
Simply some of the greatests songs of the moments, why don't you try and play those ?

From Both ways open jaws : 
Dust if off (with some lyrics !) 
The Wicked and the blind (leadsheet + bass)

From Shake shook shaken : 
Despair hangover & ecstasy (leadsheet) 

Shelter song (arranged for piano) 

Jimi Hendrix 
Freedom (my own arrangement, some parts re-harmonized) 

Blind faith 
A short but great band, with nothing less than Eric Clapton, Steve Windwood, Ginger Baker and Ric Grech. 
Had to cry today (arranged for piano)
Try to improvise in Bozan Z's way on Full Half Moon or Hometown, with strong powerchord in the left hand, some modulations...

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