mercredi 24 novembre 2010

Marc Copland

Thelonious Monk is a genius. And he's an interresting pianist, with some real interresting licks, and an amazing tempo. Good luck for playing this, it's really not that easy – especially if you try to sound like him : it's nearly impossible...

From the fabulous solo Paris 1954 recording :
Well you needn't
Off Minor
On this last one, I love how simple most of his chords are (exept for the Bb7/D7 endings), and how swingy they sound. For the D7 chord (meas. 7 for example) you can use you left hand to play le high C.
Notice measure 63, when he makes a lick in a 12/8 time over 4/4.

From Solo Monk (1964) :
Sweet and Lovely

From Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants (1959) :
The Man I Love
The story of this recording is famous : Miles and Monk didn't get along that well. Some even say they fought, but I don't believe skinny 59' Miles would ever fight Thelonious « the mountain » Monk – nobody would. Anyway, in this tune, Monk plays a strange solo, fooling around the theme melody, with a lot of silence. And then, he stops playing, for an eternity (mes. 29 to 40). Miles enters (mes. 39), as if he were saying « what the hell are you doing, are you lost ? ». Then Monk swings like hell, saying « I'm not lost at all, damn you ». A fun moment, also fun to transcribe :)

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